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TMJ4 Commits Bias by Headline

TMJ4 |  5-20-2017 On May 20, 2017, TMJ4 – Milwaukee featured a story on its website addressing a CNN report that, according to a “source,” former FBI Director, James Comey, now believes President Trump was trying to influence him. You can read the story here. The substance of the story (or the lack thereof) is […]

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NBC 26 Commits Bias by Story Selection, Spin

WGBA NBC 26 |  3-29-2017 On March 29, 2017, NBC 26 (WGBA) featured an article on its website titled: When is an attack called ‘terrorism?’ A heavy topic to be sure, and one that has prompted many a PhD thesis, undoubtedly. The piece (actually published by CNN but nevertheless promulgated by NBC 26) criticizes America’s, generally, […]

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WFRV Serves as Conduit to Liberal Narrative

WFRV CBS 5  |  1/14/2017 On January 14, 2017, Channel 5 (WFRV) featured a story on its website titled: Rights group: Rise of Trump, far-right leaders puts ‘human rights system at risk’ The story, found here, was originally published by CNN, but was nevertheless featured in its entirety on WFRV’s website – bias and all. […]

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