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Does WMC Have an Influence?

WMC  |  4-26-2017 WMC often gets asked the question: do you guys have any impact on Wisconsin media? We often chuckle at the question, not surprised at the level of cynicism in the voice of the person asking. Though no media outlet has ever come out and said, Wisconsin Media Check, you’ve made us better reporters!, let’s […]

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WBAY Commits Bias by Graphic

WBAY ABC 2|  2-7-2017 Pictures speak louder than words, so the saying goes. On February 2, 2017, Channel 2 (WBAY) proved up that adage. On its website, Channel 2 featured the following headline and graphic: WMC “checks” this as bias by graphic. The graphic, which prominently features a “Stop the Pipeline” sign, directly undermines the […]

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