Media Bias: Source Selection


Bias by the selection of sources

Including more sources in a story that support one view over another. This bias can also be seen when a reporter uses such phrases as “experts believe,” “observers say,” or “most people think.”

Fox 11 Takes on Appleton Shooting

WLUK FOX 11 |  6-2-2017 The recent shooting at an Appleton bar in which a patron was accidentally shot by an Appleton Police Officer continues to produce news stories by various media outlets. June 2, 2017, the Outagamie County District Attorney announced that no charges would be filed against the officer – Lt. Jay Steinke, […]

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WFRV CBS 5 |  5-27-2017 During its Saturday, May 27th, 6pm newscast, Green Bay’s Channel 5 (WFRV) featured coverage of protests in downtown Appleton over the police-involved shooting of a man named Jimmy Sanders at a College Avenue bar. First, watch the report: Can you spot the bias? Here, we have lots of coverage and […]

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Fox 11 Embeds Bias

WLUK FOX 11  |  5-24-2017 On May 24, 2017, both on its website and during its nightly newscast, Green Bay’s Fox 11 (WLUK) featured coverage of the Federal Congressional Budget Office (CBO) review of the Republican-backed substitute for Obamacare. Needless to say, bias was abound. First, watch the newscast: Can you spot the bias? Here, […]

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Post-Crescent Uses Clickbait Headline

POST CRESCENT |  6-9-2017 “Similarities run through Neenah, Appleton shootings” It’s the headline of an Appleton Post-Crescent article last week. If you have any familiarity with either of the cases referenced in the story linked above, you might be wondering, what similarities? So are we at Wisconsin Media Check Foundation. Let’s take a look at […]

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WTAQ Commits Bias by Selection of Sources

WTAQ |  May 19, 2017 On May 19, 2017, News Radio WTAQ (97.5 | 1360) featured a story on its website titled: Some claim Clarke unqualified Read the story for yourself here. Can you spot the bias? In this report, WTAQ commits bias by source and story selection by choosing to feature a story only […]

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WBAY Features Democrat Expert

WBAY ABC 2 |  5-7-2017 During its 10 pm newscast on May 7, 2010, Green Bay’s Action 2 News (WBAY) featured a report on the House of Representatives’ passage of the American Healthcare Act. Watch the story: Now, WMCF takes particular issue with WBAY’s featuring the excerpt of the interview with one Dr. Atul Gawande, […]

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FOX 11’s Biased Expert

WLUK FOX 11 |  4-24-2017 On Monday, April 24th, FOX 11 (WLUK) featured a report during its 9:00 pm newscast essentially forecasting that Republicans will be facing many woes in the 2018 midterm elections. First, watch the video: Can you spot the bias?   Forgetting the obvious bias – spin – in that there’s no […]

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WFRV Ignores Alternative Voices

WFRV CBS 5 | 4-22-2017 On April 22, 2017, Channel 5 (WFRV) featured a story during its 10 pm newscast titled: Protesters unite and march in opposition of the back forty mine. The story focused on protests taking place in Menominee, MI, over permits that were issued by the State of Michigan that clear the […]

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Post-Crescent Takes up the Battle Cry

Appleton Post Crescent | 4-16-2017 In its Easter Sunday edition, the Appleton Post-Crescent (a member of the Gannett-USA Today Network) featured a whopper of a piece titled: Protesters Demand Trump Release Taxes You can read a version of the story at USA Today’s website here. The title pretty much sums up the story: thousands of […]

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Wisconsin Public Radio Commits Bias by Source Selection

WPR |  3-15-2017 On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Kathleen Dunn Show featured a segment titled “Environmental Justice Groups File Suit Against Milwaukee Freeway Expansion.” First, listen to the segment at this link or read the written report here. Were you able to spot the bias? Well, despite WNPR’s representation that the Kathleen […]

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