Media Bias: Policy


Bias by policy endorsement or condemnation

When a reporter goes beyond reporting and endorses the liberal view of which policies should be enacted, or affirms the liberal criticism of current or past policies.

WKOW Commits Bias by Policy Endorsement

WKOW |  8-17-2017 On August 17, 2017, during its evening newscast, Madison’s Channel 27 (WKOW) featured a ridiculously biased, “gotcha” story titled:   Co-sponsor of campus free speech bill won’t say if he’d support white supremacist speech at UW Watch the story: Can you spot the bias? It’s twofold. First, WKOW commits bias by policy […]

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WBAY Offers Unbalanced Report

WBAY ABC 2 |  8-1-2017 On August 1, 2017, during its 6pm newscast, Green Bay’s Channel 2 (WBAY) featured a story concerning the DNR’s approval of a Kewaunee County dairy farm expanding operations. Watch the story:   Can you spot the bias? First, let’s start with the easy one: bias by selection of sources. Notice […]

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FOX 11 Furthers Bias by Policy Endorsement

WLUK FOX 11 |  7-19-2017 On July 19, 2016, Green Bay’s FOX 11 (WLUK) featured a story on its website titled: Health plan’s fall brings dread for ‘Obamacare’ recipients Check out the story here. The bias is palpable. This story (authored by the Associated Press, but featured by FOX 11) essentially acts as an advocacy […]

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Fox 6 Unfairly Targets Dem Candidate for Governor

FOX 6 |  6-12-2017 On Friday, June 24th, WMC President, Will McKinley, addressed recent news report from Milwaukee’s Fox 6 (WITI) while guest-hosting The Jerry Bader Show. The report, titled: Democrat looking to challenge Gov. Walker didn’t sign recall petition, says he was never asked to, questions the bona fides of Milwaukee businessman – and Democrat […]

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CBS 58 Spins Immigration Debate

CBS 58 |  5-9-2017 On May 9, 2017, CBS 58 (WDJT – Milwaukee) featured a “special report” during its 10 pm newscast titled: “Impact of Immigrant Labor in Wisconsin.” The report focused on a Southeast Wisconsin dairy farm whose workforce consisted of all illegal immigrants. One might think the reporter would call into question the […]

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NBC 26 Takes on Infrastructure Spending

WGBA NBC 26 | 3-9-2017 On Thursday, March 9, 2017, NBC 26 (WGBA) featured a news package concerning a recent “report card” issued by the Society of Civil Engineers grading the nation’s infrastructure. First, watch the report: In this case, NBC 26 commits bias by commission and policy endorsement in featuring this report. How? Let’s […]

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WBAY Takes on Black Lives Matter Author

WBAY ABC 2 |  2/8/2017 On February 8, 2017, Channel 2 (WBAY) featured a story during its evening newscast and on its website titled “Wisconsin sheriffs training features anti-Black Lives Matter speaker.” One of WMC’s “bias spotters” alerted us to this report, knowing something didn’t smell quite right. First, watch and read the story here. Can you […]

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Channel 5 Demonstrates Bias Regarding Protests

WFRV CBS 5  |  2-13-2017 On Monday, February 13, 2017, Channel 5 (WFRV) presented a doozey of a story regarding the “Day without Latinos, Immigrants, & Refugees” demonstrations in Milwaukee.  First, watch the report here. Can you spot the bias? Well, there are several forms presented.  Let’s address them one at a time. First, the […]

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NBC 26 Takes on an “Unbeliever” — the DNR

WGBA NBC 26  |  12-29-2016 In its December 29, 2016, 10pm newscast, NBC 26 (WGBA) addressed a “dramatic change” to the Wisconsin DNR’s website. Watch the story: The “dramatic change” hyperbole aside, in its reporting, NBC 26 commits two types of bias. First, it commits bias by policy endorsement by implicitly accusing the DNR of […]

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