Media Bias: Labeling


Bias by labeling

Attaching a label to conservatives but not to liberals; using more extreme labeling for conservatives than for liberals; identifying a liberal person or group as an “expert” or as independent.

NBC 26 Commits Bias by Labeling

WGBA NBC 26 |  2/1/2017 On February 1, 2017, during its 10 pm newscast, NBC 26 (WGBA) reported on the violence that was unleashed at U.C. Berkeley in response to Breitbart News editor and public speaker Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned appearance that evening on campus. Watch the report: Notice the anchor’s use of the terms “alt-right,” […]

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WFRV Serves as Conduit to Liberal Narrative

WFRV CBS 5  |  1/14/2017 On January 14, 2017, Channel 5 (WFRV) featured a story on its website titled: Rights group: Rise of Trump, far-right leaders puts ‘human rights system at risk’ The story, found here, was originally published by CNN, but was nevertheless featured in its entirety on WFRV’s website – bias and all. […]

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WI Supreme Court Justice Race

All the news stations in the Green Bay market covered the story on March 7, 2016 which centered on the college writings of State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley…

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