Wisconsin Media Check Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and documenting instances of media bias in local news reports. Our mission is to serve the public by holding the local media accountable.

When our editors observe a consistent pattern of bias, WMCF will publish the biased report with our own analysis of why the news story is biased. The story will be tagged with the type(s) of bias along with our analysis, thereby educating both the public and the media about biased reporting.

We believe reporters should be reporters, not repeaters of talking points or be tools of politically driven organizations. They should not be reporter activists pushing a political or social agenda. Their job is to adhere to the core principles of journalism which include: loyalty to the public; an obligation to the truth, accuracy, thoroughness, fairness, transparency, and independence from those they cover.

WCMF is a non-profit organization that is supported by donors, like yourself. We do not receive any federal, state or local government funds to operate a staff, technology, research, marketing and events. Therefore, Wisconsin Media Check Foundation, Inc. is very grateful for your tax-deductible donations.

Meet the WMCF Board of Directors

willWill McKinley, J.D., serves as Wisconsin Media Check Foundation, Inc.’s, President. Will is an attorney with the Menn Law Firm, Ltd, in Appleton/Green Bay, practicing corporate and business transactional law. A graduate of Marquette University Law School, Will also holds a broadcasting degree from Marquette, which is why he holds a particular passion for stamping out bias in broadcast media. According to Will, “the freedom to develop one’s own opinion is critical to any thriving democracy. As such, those who control the flow of daily information have a fundamental duty to do so in a manner that neither obstructs nor affects an individual citizen’s right to form his/her own opinion based on all the facts, not just those the media chooses to report.” Prior to practicing law, Will served a two-year stint as a corps member with Teach for America, serving as a high school special education teacher in Crownpoint, N.M. Will, his wife, Gretchen, and their four young children reside in Appleton.

lindaLinda Clemedtson-Sieker, D.V.M., was born in North Dakota, but spent her childhood on a farm in southern Sweden. Always caring for animals, she enrolled at the Royal Veterinary College in Stockholm, receiving a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1978. In 1980, while enjoying a one year internship in Large Animal Medicine at the University of Minnesota, she was amazed by the liberty loving people of the United States of America. Having grown up under socialism, this freedom was something new and exhilarating to her, but she soon realized it needed to be continuously nourished or it would fade away. Out of love for this country and by good fortune Linda has lived here ever since her internship days, volunteering in many organizations, while also working as a business partner and as a wife and mother of three now adult daughters.

adamAdam Mleziva, C.P.A., serves as Wisconsin Media Check Foundation, Inc.’s, Treasurer. Adam is a manager with Schenck S.C. in Green Bay. His experience includes providing accounting, auditing and tax services for a variety of clients, particularly in the manufacturing industry. According to Adam, “individuals should be able to expect accuracy and fairness in news reporting. Misreporting, misrepresentations and omissions need to be exposed in order to hold the media accountable for their reporting.” Adam, his wife, Amanda, and their young son reside in Howard.

christineChristine Whipp, M.S.N., F.N.P., an RN for 35 years, practiced as a Family Nurse Practitioner for 18 years until her retirement in early 2010. She worked at St. Vincent Hospital, Green Bay, Wisconsin in the Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine for the last 9 years of her career. Christine earned her BSN from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and her MSN, FNP from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Christine and her husband Glenn have 5 children and 10 grandchildren. Christine became interested in the issue of media bias in 2012. Since average people get most of their information on local and world events from television and print news, Christine believes that it is a public service to educate them on all sides of an issue so that they can make informed decisions regarding the matters of concern in their lives and in the world.

silviaSilvia Sieker is a Senior at Hillsdale College, Michigan, where she is pursuing a major in Economics.Silvia decided to spend the spring semester of 2015 in Washington DC as part of the Washington Hillsdale Internship Program. This decision would reignite her desire to be a part of the freedom movement. She did an internship at Americans for Prosperity Foundation, and then went on to be a part of the summer Koch Internship Program. One of her main takeaways from the time spent in DC was how much media personnel were to blame for the misconceptions many Americans have, and how they need to be called out on their biased approach. Silvia plans to move to DC after graduation in May of 2016, where she will join the rapidly growing freedom movement in the city. Sylvia also enjoys spending time with her boxer, Leo, and helping on the family tree farm in Wisconsin.

paulPaul Brewer is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse background. Paul’s ventures include Awood Corp, an innovational home construction company, using sustainable construction methods. Paul built several homes in the Houston, TX area, formed his own advertising paper, and an unpainted furniture store. Relocating to the midwest, Paul spent two years in Toronto, Canada managing clinical studies for Hazleton Laboratories. Returning to the states, Paul changed direction forming his own commercial real estate brokerage in 1997. Paul also served on local governing boards in the town of Windsor, WI and the city of Sun Prairie, WI where he served as Chairman of the Sun Prairie Business Improvement District. Paul and his wife, Annie, moved to the Green Bay/Appleton area in 2008. They reside in the Village of Wrightstown where Paul served on the Village Board for two years and is a member of the Wrightstown Lions Club. Paul’s governing and business style has always been libertarian in nature. Paul’s concern with an ever-growing governmental grasp on business and citizens epitomizes his favorite quote, “Illegitimi non carborundum.” Look up its “loose” translation.

annieAnnie Brewer has worked in Madison media as an office manager, sales administrator, and even dabbled in a little production work while employed at Woodward Communications for 6 years. After that, she partnered up with her husband, Paul, managing their commercial real estate firm, Brewer Group Inc., for 19 years. Although she has a Realtor’s license; marketing, accounting, customer relations and tech duties are her main functions at their real estate firm. With Paul semi-retired, Annie took a job as administrator for a team of Appleton corporate attorneys in 2014. Annie’s passions have always been art, animals, classic films and, most importantly, world events. When asked what brought her to WMCF, Annie explains, “Wisconsin Media Check Foundation is doing what news producers used to do almost instinctively–checking their facts and reporting the news in a balanced and unbiased fashion. Today we need organizations such as WMCF to do it for them, and I’m glad to participate in any small way that I can to keep them honest.”

stevenSteven S. Weinshel, M.D., J.D., is a neurological surgeon and lawyer who practiced medicine in Green Bay Wisconsin for 20 years. He was a Major in the United States Air Force at the beginning of his medical career. Dr. Weinshel graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and 30 years later graduated from Marquette University Law School. While practicing medicine in Green Bay he was chairman of his clinic’s government relations committee. This position included running a federal political action committee and a state political conduit. His other credentials include acting as a volunteer Special Prosecutor for the Brown County District Attorney’s Office. As a political observer for many years, he understands how bias in the media can change the public’s perception of candidates and issues. He is licensed to practice law and medicine in Wisconsin and Florida.