Local Media Blacks-Out Interesting Factoid

Media Blackout  |  9-28-2017

Local media in Wisconsin has certainly not been one to shy away from featuring nightly stories regarding the progress of the investigation into Russia’s attempts to “collude” to undermine the 2016 election in the United States.

The spin commonly featured in these reports is that the Russians wanted Donald Trump to win the election, and did everything they could to see that that happened.

Interestingly, that storyline was undermined by recent reports (by the Washington Post) that Facebook ads purported to be purchased by Russian-backed entities promoted “African American rights groups, including Black Lives Matter,” and “[o]ther ads highlighted support for Democrat Hillary Clinton among Muslim women.”

This is a significant revelation, as it directly undercuts the theory that Russians were aiding and abetting the Trump campaign. Noticeably absent, though, was this revelation in news content published by Wisconsin news outlets.

Choosing not to feature stories that undermine a narrative that is favored by the media constitutes bias by story selection.

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