Local Media Blacks-Out Comey Revelations


On or around August 30, 2017, significant revelations concerning former FBI Director, James Comey, and his decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton of any liability for destroying and/or sharing classified emails. As reported by CNN:

Comey prepared the draft exoneration for Clinton before conducting interviews with top Clinton aides who were offered immunity for their cooperation, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday in a joint statement, citing transcripts of interviews with former Comey aides obtained by the Senate judiciary committee.

In other words, Comey decided to “let Clinton off” before even completing his investigation into whether she violated federal law. Further, this revelation appears to potentially contradict testimony he had previously given back in June regarding when he chose to exonerate Clinton.

Obviously, with as much attention as James Comey has had over the past year, one would think that this is a significant revelation.

Not our local media. Seldom a mention could be found on any of Green Bay’s nightly newscasts after the story broke. In fact, no mention of the story can even be found on WBAY-2’s website.  

Nor, FOX 11’s.

In choosing to altogether ignore this story – because it undermines the Left’s overarching narrative regarding the Clinton email scandal – local media have committed bias by story selection.

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