Green Bay TV Blacks-Out Hacking Report

University of Michigan Research


On June 7, 2017, various news outlets across the state, along with the Washington Post, reported that University of Michigan researchers had completed a study concluding that voting machines in Wisconsin were not hacked during the November, 2016 elections. This study was prompted, in part, due to allegations and supposition by the media that there was an “unusual amount of hacking efforts near the November presidential election,” which, of course, Donald Trump won narrowly, giving rise to questions of whether his victory was attributable to hacking.  

Now, local media have certainly been comfortable reporting stories concerning supposed “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russians, or Russian interference in the presidential election. To be clear, numerous reports can be found questioning the integrity and legitimacy of the election outcome in both Wisconsin and the country as a whole.  

It is curious, then, why none of the television stations in Green Bay (WBAY, WFRV, WGBA, and WLUK) featured any mention of this report on their websites or, to the best of our knowledge, in any newscast?  Is it not important for the public to know that they should have full confidence that contrary to unsubstantiated accusations, voting machines in Wisconsin went un-hacked?  

Choosing to feature stories that further one narrative, while ignoring stories that undercut that narrative constitutes bias by story selection.

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