FOX 6 Unnecessarily Promotes Book

FOX 6 |  7-13-2017

On July 13, 2017, Milwaukee’s FOX 6 (WITI) featured the following headline on its website:

Planned Parenthood head is writing “Inspirational” memoir

Read the story here.

Can you spot the bias?

Here, we have a nice example of bias by story selection. How is the release of a book by Cecile Richards newsworthy? It isn’t – instead, the story is essentially a marketing piece aimed at promoting the release of a book penned by an ardent Liberal activist.

Now, this wouldn’t be so problematic if one could find similar stories concerning the release of books by conservative activists/authors, such as Mark Levin or Newt Gingrich. Yet, when one conducts such a search, the result: no result found.

Choosing to provide publicity to the release of a book penned by a liberal activist while providing no coverage of book releases by conservative activists constitutes bias by story selection.

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