WFRV CBS 5 |  5-27-2017

During its Saturday, May 27th, 6pm newscast, Green Bay’s Channel 5 (WFRV) featured coverage of protests in downtown Appleton over the police-involved shooting of a man named Jimmy Sanders at a College Avenue bar. First, watch the report:

Can you spot the bias? Here, we have lots of coverage and soundbites concerning supposed improprieties of law enforcement, and “attacks” on “these people” (presumably black Americans).

What we don’t have, alternative viewpoints. 

This is especially troubling considering the reporter specifically states that there were “clashes of ideas,” and features video of two individuals clearly debating. Why not interview the gentleman? Well, according to the woman, it must be because “this is about black lives matter.”

Choosing to only feature coverage of the points of view of anti-law enforcement protesters, and not featuring alternative viewpoints (when at least one is clearly available to interview) is bias by selection of sources.

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