NBC 26 & TMJ4 “Grill” Walker

WGBA | WTMJ |  5-31-2017

On Tuesday, May 30, Green Bay’s NBC 26 (WGBA) and Milwaukee’s TMJ4 both headlined a story on Gov. Walker Tweeting a photo of shish kabobs he was grilling on Memorial Day.  

Check out the headlines via WTMJ 4 and WGBA 26:


Now, the obvious question is:  how is this news?  It’s not. Some may say, though, “WMC, this is just a light-hearted story meant to poke fun at the Governor . . . lighten up!” That may be true; however, here’s the rub (and the bias) – NBC 26 and TMJ4 chose to feature this story in lieu of actual positive news generated by Governor Walker on May 30 and Memorial Day weekend.   

For instance, Governor Walker’s Twitter account was filled with messages honoring Veterans:

Now, in fairness, TMJ4’s report did mention this . . . at the very end of its story on the Walker’s apparent shish kabob faux pas.  Burying something positive in an otherwise negative story is bias by placement.

WMC would encourage NBC 26 and TMJ4 to follow the lead of its media colleague, Green Bay’s Channel 5 (WFRV), who instead of choosing to feature a story lampooning the Governor, featured an actual newsworthy story:


To be sure, this story was
also featured on Governor Walker’s Twitter page on May 30:

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