FOX 6 Perpetuates Trump Family Smear Campaign

WITI FOX 6 |  5-30-2017

On May 30, 2017, Milwaukee’s FOX 6 (WITI) featured the following story prominently on its website:

Wow . . . where do we begin.

It is clear that the national media has become obsessed with reporting any possible “controversy” that may exist surrounding President Trump or his family, but this one can only be typified as a media “hit job.” This is bias by story selection.

Let’s address the biases:

Bias by Headline: The headline implies that somehow Ivanka Trump (or her company’s supplier) had something to do with the arrest and disappearance of these men. Neither she (nor her company) had anything to do with this.

Bias by Lack of Context & Factual Omission: The story fails to mention that the men in question were actually detained by Chinese authorities. Further, the story fails to mention that the supplier in question did not work exclusively for Ivanka Trump’s company, but served as a supplier for other fashion companies. In fact, according to the New York Times:

“The factories belong to Huajian International, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of women’s shoes. The Ivanka Trump brand, according to Huajian, represents only about 100,000 pairs of shoes a year out of its production of 8 million pairs a year, including brands like Coach and Alain Delon” (New York Times, May 30,  2017).

So, despite that fact that other prominent brands like Coach and Alain Delon also utilize the supplier in question (and are not featured in the headline), FOX 6 (and the national media) focus on Ivanka Trump’s company, which only amounts to 1.25% of the supplier’s overall business.

In other words, this is a story that really has nothing to do with Ivanka Trump’s company, yet is being perpetuated to continue the narrative that the Trump family and their affiliates are nothing but a group of nefarious characters.

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