WFRV Again Takes up Protests

WFRV CBS 5  |  5-1-2017

WMC previously “checked” Channel 5 (WFRV) for featuring a biased story regarding protests over Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s decision to participate in Federal efforts to crackdown on illegal immigrants.  

Well, unfortunately, WFRV is back at it. During both its 6 pm and 10 pm newscasts on May 1, WFRV featured a variation of the following story – check it out:

Yet again, we see an immigration-related story chock full of bias.

First, WFRV commits bias by story selection. This is now the second time WFRV has featured a story  painting Sheriff David Clarke and the crackdown on illegal immigration in a negative light.  

Next, WFRV commits bias by spin and lack of context. Here, they portray Sheriff Clarke’s decisions as one attacking immigrants. 

In fact, the federal programs being protested target illegal immigrants. 

Notice, nowhere in the story is the term “illegal immigrant” utilized. Along similar lines, did you happen to notice the comment about how these protesters had to be escorted by police in order to ensure their safety? Safe from whom and from what threats?

The implication, of course, is that individuals protesting on behalf of immigrants would be subject to attack by proponents of stricter immigration enforcement, thereby casting Clarke’s supporters in a negative light.

In sum, taking WFRV’s past reporting on “immigrants’ rights” protests coupled with this most-recent example of reporting, serious questions are raised concerning political motivations in the WFRV newsroom.

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