Local Media Blacks Out Religious Pilgrimage

WBAY, WLUK, WGBA |  5-7-2017

On Sunday, May 7, the fifth annual “Walk to Mary” was held, with hundreds of people taking the 22-mile walk between De Pere, WI and the National Shrine of St. Joseph in Champion, WI. Only one local television station featured coverage of the event during their 10 pm newscasts on the 7th – Channel 5 (WFRV).

Watch WFRV’s report here.

Now, one may ask, “how is it biased that other channels didn’t report on a religious event like this?”

The bias is story selection: local media often choose to cover protests, marches, or other gatherings of groups who are protesting conservative groups or causes; however, when it comes to featuring coverage of conservative, religious groups such as a group of devout Catholics making a religious pilgrimage, the media is often nowhere to be found.

The point is, the media picks-and-chooses which “organized events” to cover, and usually, the ones that are covered are advocating for liberal-leaning causes.

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