Kudos to NBC 26

WGBA NBC 26 |  4-20-2017

We at WMC like to remind our readers that our mission and purpose is not to “bash” Wisconsin media. Our mission is to educate. As such, educating requires both calling out mistakes and acknowledging achievements. To that end, WMC would like to provide kudos to NBC 26 for featuring a story on its website that alerted readers to bias committed by the New York Times.

On Thursday, April 20th, NBC 26 (WGBA) featured the following story on its website:

New England Patriots Call Out The New York Times’ Lack Of Context

By way of background, the New York Times’ editor tweeted side-by-side photos of the New England Patriots’ visits to both the Obama and Trump White Houses, after their two prior Super Bowl victories. The purpose of the tweet was to highlight that there were far fewer players willing to visit the Trump White House than the Obama White House.

The national media picked up the story, using it as yet another example of how Donald Trump is unpopular in America.

After the story went viral, President Trump and the New England Patriots called foul, pointing out that during the Obama visit, approximately 40 staff members were featured in the photo; whereas, during the Trump visit, those individuals were present, but instead seated on the lawn during the ceremony.

Ultimately, this revelation forced the New York Times’ editor to tweet a mea culpa, much to the chagrin of liberals nationwide.

Of course, there was much coverage of the New York Times’ editor’s original tweet (which cast Trump in a negative light), but terse coverage of the follow-up tweet (which revealed the Times’ bias).

To the best of our detection, NBC 26 was the only news station in Northeast Wisconsin to provide coverage of a perfect example of bias by context.

Though it may seem like a “no big deal” of a story, it is, in fact, a big deal when a major national newspaper is caught red-handed trying to manipulate the public’s perception of the President. As such, kudos to NBC 26 for shedding light on this event!

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