Does WMC Have an Influence?

WMC  |  4-26-2017

WMC often gets asked the question: do you guys have any impact on Wisconsin media?

We often chuckle at the question, not surprised at the level of cynicism in the voice of the person asking.

Though no media outlet has ever come out and said, Wisconsin Media Check, you’ve made us better reporters!, let’s take a look at how WMC appears to have affected at least one local media outlet recently.  

Like all other Green Bay television news outlets, Channel 2 (WBAY) has been the subject of some of our bias analyses. In one analysis we “checked” WBAY for committing bias by graphic by using an inflammatory photo in relation to a story about how the Army Corps of Engineers was permitting the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline to proceed. Here’s the graphic that was utilized by WBAY back in February, 2017:

WMC pointed out that all other local news outlets featured the exact same Associated Press story, yet none featured a graphic such as the one above. Since publishing our analysis, WBAY maintained the story on its website; however, a noticeable change took place:

Notice the difference? We certainly did . . .

Now, can WMC state with certainty that we were the cause of WBAY’s changing the graphic from something biased, to something neutral? No, we cannot. However, we’d like to think this is just one of many examples of how WMC is making a small mark on media in Wisconsin.

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