WFRV Blacks Out Netanyahu Visit

WFRV CBS 5|  2-15-2017

Recently, WMC featured a story concerning NBC 26’s (WGBA) lack of reporting on President Trump’s visit with Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Taking a queue from its media colleague, in its February 15, 2017, 10:00 pm newscast, Channel 5 (WFRV) made no mention of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit with President Trump at the White House.  

Obviously, WMC does not expect local media to report on the President’s meeting with every single foreign dignitary, but two key things stand out about Netanyahu’s visit, and Channel 5’s failure to report on it.  

First, relations between the United States and Israel cooled significantly during Barack Obama’s presidency, and President Trump made clear during Netanyahu’s visit that this was going to change – for the better.  

Second, Trump made clear that he was open to deviating from past administrations’ “two state solution” to the Israel-Palestine conflict.  This deviation from established foreign policy is certainly newsworthy – maybe positively, maybe negatively.

Nevertheless, like the national media, local media, including Channel 5, continue to feature predominantly negative news coverage of President Trump, while choosing to ignore other, substantive newsworthy stories about the President, especially when those stories demonstrate that President Trump does have the ability to effectively play the role of world leader.

This is bias by story selection.

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