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WBAY Commits Bias by Graphic

WBAY ABC 2 [1]|  2-7-2017

Pictures speak louder than words, so the saying goes. On February 2, 2017, Channel 2 (WBAY) proved up that adage.

On its website, Channel 2 featured the following headline and graphic [2]:

WMC “checks” this as bias by graphic.

The graphic, which prominently features a “Stop the Pipeline” sign, directly undermines the facts of the story, which is that the Army Corps of Engineers has agreed to permit the completion of the pipeline in South Dakota.

By choosing to feature this graphic for this particular story (which has nothing to do with pipeline protests), WBAY creates the impression that the Army’s choice is “bad” or “wrong.”

To highlight this, take, for example, the reports of NBC 26 (WGBA) and Fox 11 (WLUK) on the very same AP story:





Again, pictures speak louder than words; and here, the graphics selected by Fox 11 and NBC 26 for this story certainly call into question Channel 2’s underlying views on the Army Corps’ decision to permit the pipeline to proceed.