WMC Proudly Declares Mea Culpa

Retraction  |  12-28-2016

On December 15, 2016, we featured an analysis concerning WFRV Channel 5’s use of the term “unofficial” when describing Wisconsin’s presidential election results.



WMC took the position that according to the Wisconsin Election Commission’s website, the “Official” November 8 results were “certified November 29, 2016,” subject to recount, and that the use of the term “unofficial” constituted bias, because it gave the impression that the original results were somehow unreliable – a narrative that was being pushed by many on the Left.

To our pleasure, via social media and via our website, several individuals called into question our opinion that the story was biased, contending that the election results were, in fact, “unofficial.”

To our further pleasure, an individual went so far as to contact the WEC on the subject. In the end, though it is still not exactly clear whether the original “official” results (certified on November 29th) became “unofficial” upon the institution of the recall, WMC is going to give WFRV the benefit of the doubt, and thus retracts its December 15th criticism of bias.

Our mission has been and continues be one of educating the public – and the media – on the various types of bias that can occur in news reporting. Our aim is not to harass or blindly harangue the media – it is to raise awareness and promote discussion about media bias. The sheer fact that individuals affiliated with the media actually took the time to:  (a) review our analysis; and (b) provide feedback thereon, is confirmation that what we do at WMC has an outside impact, whether appreciated or not.

We hope that our willingness to listen to others’ views and be introspective, correcting or clarifying a potential misstep, provides a model to our friends in the media to maybe consider doing the same from time-to-time.

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