NBC 26 Interjects Biased Commentary

WGBA NBC 26  |  12-12-2016

During the latter half of the week of December 12, 2016, the local media went into overdrive perpetuating the national media narrative that the Russian government undermined the recent presidential election due to its purported hacking of the email servers of John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

WMC took special interest in a report presented in NBC 26’s (WGBA) 10:00 pm newscast on December 16, 2016. First, watch the story:

The story may seem fairly straightforward and similar to many other stories being broadcast or written in print on the subject. Yet, NBC 26 took things a step too far by featuring a story by NBC News correspondent Edward Lawrence that implied that Donald Trump won the election because of Russia’s purported hacking.

Here, the reporter states that President Obama commented that hacking contributed to the atmosphere that got Donald Trump elected, but that Obama “stopped short of saying it was the reason Republicans won.”

A reporter’s job is to report the facts, here, what President Obama said. This reporter felt it important to report on what President Obama “stopped short” in saying, which implies that perhaps President Obama should have stated that Russian hacking was the reason Republicans won.

Put differently, by interjecting the reporter’s view on what Obama could have said, but didn’t the reporter commits bias by spin, as the reporter is furthering a misplaced belief that the only reason why people voted for Donald Trump was because of what was contained within the emails supposedly hacked by Russia.  

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