WMC Commends Leesburg Daily Commercial


For those of you who follow our work, you know that our focus is calling out local media bias committed by Wisconsin news outlets. As you can imagine, it has been a troubling and busy time for us at WMC.  

This election cycle has, unfortunately, brought out the worst in both the national and local media. Never in modern history has the media been so willing to throw aside impartiality and journalistic integrity in order to advance a political agenda.

These frustrations in mind, WMC found it particularly refreshing to learn that one Florida newspaper, the Leesburg Daily Commercial, decided to “own up” to the bias it had been promulgating over the past months.

You can read the entire mea culpa here, but to summarize:

[I]t is a recognition that you, the voter, deserve better than we in the media have given you. You deserve a more balanced approach to the coverage of elections and other weighty issues.

Many of the acknowledgments made in this paper’s editorial echo the very criticisms that have been levied by WCMF against local media.

Though we doubt any of our local news outlets possess the humility to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe they have been biased this election cycle, we give a double tip of the hat to at least one news outlet that was willing to muster the humility to do so.

Thank you for being professional, Daily Commercial.

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