Local Media’s Double Standard

WBAY ABC 2 | 11-20-2016

After the election of Donald Trump, local news outlets featured nightly coverage of the protests that erupted in cities across the country led by disaffected individuals not satisfied with Hillary Clinton’s loss.

What is missing from the coverage is any shock or admonition of the noticeable lack of condemnation by Democratic Party officials of the protests and violence.

Let’s not forget that approximately one month ago, the national and local media all featured stories sharply criticizing Donald Trump’s statements that he would not guarantee he would accept the outcome of the election.  

Take this headline from Channel 2’s (WBAY) website on October 20th, for example: Trump’s refusal to accept 2016 results threatens American democracy, GOP and Dems warn.

The Democratic Party and the media were quick to condemn Trump and his supporters for not agreeing to automatically accept the outcome of an election before the votes had even been cast.

Yet, with the votes now cast, Trump having won, and riots now erupting in the streets, we see prominent Democratic Party leaders such as Harry Reid inflaming the situation, calling Trump ”a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate instead of condemnation and concerns that these actions.”

The local media’s failure to question Hillary Clinton’s supporters’ unwillingness to accept the election outcome, and more importantly, the Democratic Party’s lackluster response in condemning the post-election riots that have unfolded, demonstrates a double-standard: when the facts paint a negative picture of the Democratic Party or its supporters, the media chooses to ignore those facts altogether. This is bias by omission.

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