Local Media Continues to Ignore “Coughin’ Hillary”


In recent weeks, questions have been raised concerning Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health status. From repeated bouts of stumbling, to claimed lack of memory regarding numerous issues due to suffering a concussion, to complications due to blood clots, not to mention a very uncomfortable seizure that startled a reporter, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated what can only be questioned as concerning physical issues.

Most notably, Mrs. Clinton has had an increasing habit of breaking into bouts of coughing during speeches. On at least six prior occasions in 2016, Mrs. Clinton was forced to stop speaking due to an uncontrollable coughing fitThis was exemplified at a campaign speech in Ohio on Monday, where Mrs. Clinton coughed non-stop for over three minutes, bringing her speech to a complete standstill.

Despite this concerning pattern (on top of the other health-related issues mentioned above), only one local newscast – WLUK Fox 11 – featured coverage of Mrs. Clinton’s coughing attack in Ohio.

Whether or not a presidential candidate is suffering from a physical ailment that might affect their ability to hold office is certainly a question worth addressing; however, to date, aside from WLUK Fox 11, the local media has turned a blind eye to the subject.

This is bias by story selection, as the public has a legitimate right to know whether their next commander in chief is physically fit to handle the office, yet the media chooses not to report on the subject.

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