Local Blackout of Trump Church Visit

WGBA NBC 26 | WBAY ABC 2 |  9-3-2016

On Saturday, September 3, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attended a church service at Detroit’s largely African American Great Faith Ministries church. The visit, and Mr. Trump’s speech to the congregation, was an example of Trump’s efforts to make inroads into the black community. It was covered widely by the national news media (both positively and negatively).

Unfortunately, viewers of WGBA Ch. 26 and WBAY Ch. 2 would not have known anything about Mr. Trump’s visit, as they provided zero coverage on the matter, unlike their counterparts, WFRV Ch. 5 and WLUK Ch. 11.

Local media has repeatedly featured stories on Donald Trump being accused of “racism,” yet when Mr. Trump intentionally undertakes efforts to reach out to a minority population, apparently Ch. 26 and Ch. 2 found this unworthy of note. This constitutes bias by story selection.

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