FOX 11 Perpetuates Biased Report

WLUK FOX 11  |  8-28-2016

WMC does not typically focus its attention on news stories written by national news outlets, such as the Associated Press. Our mission is to focus on and identify bias committed by local news reporters and writers. Occasionally, we feature news stories from other sources; which is the case with an Associated Press (AP) article published on Sunday, August 28th on WLUK FOX 11’s website.  

The story, captioned “Trump stand-ins struggle to speak for and defend nominee is a clear example of bias by headline.  

This particular headline, like many before it, passes along the media’s conclusion that Donald Trump needs defending. Though this view may be held by liberal reporters or some in the general public, there are also Americans that find Trump’s frank way of addressing his views and concerns about the current state of America refreshing and do no believe he needs to defend anything. By castigating Mr. Trump as indefensible, FOX 11 perpetuates a mainstream media’s “boogie man” mantra.

With that said, the biased headline (not to mention story content) is not surprising. The AP writer, Laurie Kellman, clearly has an issue with Donald Trump. The past 20 stories authored by Ms. Kellman show 15 focused on Donald Trump, and none of those stories painted Mr. Trump in a favorable light. (As of August 28).

Apparently, WMC is not the only media-monitoring organization to have “checked” Ms. Kellman’s bias either.  

Even if the story in question was not authored by FOX 11, they do have editorial control over its web content. They chose to publish a biased story, featuring a clearly biased headline, written by a biased reporter. For that, WLUK gets “checked”.

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