NBC 26 Blackout on Trump Speech

WGBA NBC 26  |  8-15-2016

On Monday, August 15th, Donald Trump gave a lengthy speech on his vision for handling America’s foreign policy as President. Particularly regarding his plan to combat radical Islamic terrorism.

Here’s the full speech transcript from the Trump campaign website below.

During its 10 pm newscast, NBC 26 failed to make any mention of Trump’s speech, let alone feature any substantive clips therefrom.

To their credit, the other Green Bay network affiliates did provide coverage of Trump’s speech.  

WFRV did a particularly fair job, providing substantive coverage of Trump’s speech coupled with rebuttal coverage of Hillary Clinton’s speech made earlier in the day.

Local media’s continued insistence on reporting on the negative of Donald Trump while not reporting on anything positive or substantive about the candidate provides WMC with a constant opportunity to point out bias by story selection.

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