Local Media Blacks out Coverage of Murdered Priest

Media Blackout  |  7/26/2016

The media has often been accused of spinning the liberal narrative that the ongoing struggle with ISIS is not a “religious war,” but instead, one of just radical terrorists.  

Any question of whether ISIS was waging a religious war was perhaps put to rest when several ISIS operatives entered a Catholic church in France, interrupting a holy mass, and slit the throat of a Catholic priest while shouting“Allahu Akbar.”

This is yet another sickening example of targeted attacks against Christians by ISIS and followers of radical Islam.

Other horrific examples of Christians being targeted include executions of Ethiopian Christians, the beheading of twenty-one Egyptian Christians, crucifixions and the ongoing genocide against Christians in the Middle East by ISIS. This report presented to Secretary of State John Kerry by The Knights of Columbus further detail this genocide in the Middle East.  

Instead of accepting the reality that a religious war has been declared and reporting on the barbaric atrocity against a Catholic priest committed in the name of Islam, WLUK, WFRV, and WGBA chose to ignore the story instead altogether during their 10 pm newscasts on July 26, 2016.  

As ISIS continues to rampage Western Europe and the Middle East, WMC wonders when the media will finally accept that individuals pledging loyalty to ISIS are acting upon religious beliefs, now matter how contorted those beliefs are.  ISIS has declared a holy war:  it is time for local media to stop ignoring reality.

Christian church was burnt to the ground by ISIS zealots | Via http://www.express.co.uk/

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