Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Miscasts Blame

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | 7-15-2016

For years the media, including our local media, have committed bias by spin when featuring stories in a light that terrorist acts, especially domestic acts of terrorism are caused by the weapon and not the evil individual brandishing the weapon.

Following the terrorist attack in Nice, France on Friday, July 15th, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel print edition led with this headline:

“Truck Targets French Revelers.”

Apparently, the editorial staff at the Journal Sentinel felt that blame for the attack was better cast upon the truck rather than the driver.

We hope this was a simple error in semantics, but in light of past incidences of bias in cases like this, WMC is left with a furrowed brow. As such, we will let you be the judge.

Here is the image of the print headline as captured by Charlie Sykes on Twitter and the corresponding tweets.


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