Local Stations Ignore Noteworthy Poll Results

WBAY ABC 2 WFRV CBS 5 WGBA NBC 26 |  5-22-16

During the week, WMC primarily monitors the 5 pm newscasts of our local television news affiliates for instances of media bias. On the weekends, we cover their late evening broadcasts. We also monitor their other broadcasts and website content as frequently as possible.

While observing the 5 pm newscasts of May 22nd, we noticed an example of bias by story selection.

WLUK FOX 11 was the only local station that reported on the recent ABC News/Washington Post national poll. The results showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by two points.

This is a significant change of events. Marking an eleven-point shift towards Trump since the same poll was conducted in March.

The lack of coverage of this poll by WBAY ABC 2 is especially odd considering that they are an ABC news affiliate!

WGBA NBC 26 ignored the ABC News/Washington Post poll altogether. Not only did they ignore it, they reported on a different poll showing Hillary Clinton up by three points!

No doubt, Donald Trump’s surge in the polls has garnered the national media’s attention, but if one watches the 5 pm newscasts in Northeast Wisconsin, would you even know?

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