Clinton Attacks Trump…Again

WBAY ABC 2  |  5-26-16 @ 5 p.m.

During the week of May 26th, WBAY ABC 2 failed to inform its 5 p.m. viewers that an Obama Administration audit found Hillary Clinton broke the rules regarding her use of a private email server and that Clinton’s staff has refused to cooperate with the FBI investigation.

WBAY also failed to report the ABC News poll which has Trump beating Clinton by 2%. WBAY also failed to report at 5 p.m. that Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for being an enabler in Bill Clinton’s reported assaults on women.

Trump even brought up the rape allegation by Juanita Broaddrick. WBAY blacked out on all those stories. That all happened in just one week folks!

Today, however, Hillary Clinton calls Trump a bully and says “we don’t need a bully in the White House” and WBAY covers that.

What’s comical here is that WBAY began its coverage with a report that Trump secured the number of delegates needed to get his party’s nomination, and pointed out that Paul Ryan hasn’t yet endorsed Trump. (At time of broadcast). WBAY then transitioned with a graphic reading “BOTH SIDES” and presented Hillary’s attacks.

The anchor stated: “Trumps likely opponent in the general election, Democrat Hillary Clinton calls the billionaire an urgent threat to the country …” To accurately present “both sides” WBAY should have had Hillary talking about her delegate count or had Trump talking about how we don’t need a rapist in the White House.


Finally, we have noted on numerous occasions WBAY labels Trump as a “billionaire business mogul” but WBAY has not referred to Hillary as a “millionaire politician,” which would be fair considering the investigation into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton’s finances.

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