Trump’s Path to Nomination

WLUK FOX 11 |  5-10-16 @ 5 p.m.

WLUK FOX 11 has largely blacked out on the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal.

FOX 11 certainly ignored legitimate questions about a possible indictment of the former Secretary of State when she came through the Green Bay-area before Wisconsin’s primary election.

Now, instead of asking what would happen if Mrs. Clinton gets indicted after securing her party’s nomination (which is a possibility), FOX 11 actually had the gall to ask “Who might be willing to get back in the race if Trump’s path to the  nomination starts to crumble?”

Trump’s path hasn’t shown any sign of crumbling yet, but FOX 11 devoted a story to this hypothetical on May 10, 2016. All the while, FOX 11 still ignores the legitimate question of what happens to the Democrat party if Hillary Clinton gets indicted.


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