NBC 26 Downplays Democratic Debate Fracas

(AP/Chase Stevens)

WGBA NBC 26  |  5-14-2016

On Saturday, May 14, the Nevada Democratic Party made national headlines after its state convention was shut down when angry Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters caused a melee. Consisting of shouting profanities, accosting fellow attendees and throwing chairs according to initial reports. Although subsequent reports and evidence show that some initial reports are inconclusive.

The ruckus arose after convention attendees supporting Sen. Sanders believed that the state party had intentionally taken actions that proved advantageous to Hillary Clinton. Culminating with local police taking over event security at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.



Newbusters.org: After the convention proceedings were dragged out by hours longer than expected, a party official angrily adjourned the meeting and had state police force attendees to leave.

“The Director of Security for the Paris Las Vegas Hotel informed the State Party and representatives from both presidential campaigns that the property could no longer provide the necessary security under conditions made unruly and unpredictable,” Stewart Boss, Nevada state Democratic party press secretary, said in a Sunday statement. (via: Fox News).

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer was booed off stage and later stated that she “feared for her safety.” Following the event, the state Democratic Party chair claimed that her life was threatened.

The conduct of Sen. Sanders’ supporters has been widely condemned, and many commentators (both conservative and liberal) have raised the question of whether Sen. Sanders should condemn the conduct of his supporters at the convention. On May 17th, he made this statement.

Local news affiliates WBAY ABC 2WFRV CBS 5, and WLUK FOX 11 all featured coverage in their beginning-of-the-week newscasts and on their websites concerning the event.

Missing from the pack:  WGBA NBC 26.  Despite the fact that fellow stations featured coverage on this story at the beginning of the week, NBC 26 was noticeably silent.

In fact, it was not until four days after the story broke nationally did they even mention the convention clash, describing it as “a divisive weekend state party convention in Nevada.” Their terse coverage can be found here:

WGBA’s lack of coverage of the Nevada Democratic Party convention provides us with a good example of both bias by story selection and bias by commission.  This is bias by story selection because they intentionally chose not to bring light to a story that places the Democratic Party, particularly Bernie Sanders, in a negative light.

This is also bias by commission because NBC 26 has in the past pushed the narrative that Republican supporters, namely Donald Trump’s, are prone to “violence” at organized events.

NBC 26, If Donald Trump is to be called-out for the supposed “violence” perpetrated by his supporters, where is the criticism of Sen. Sanders?  Your silence has not gone unnoticed . . .

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