Feingold-Tomah VA Scandal Ad

WFRV CBS 5 | 5-5-16 @ 5 p.m.

Something is missing here. This is a classic case of bias by omission.

Without showing the ad in question or even explaining it adequately, WFRV CBS 5 reported the Democrat’s reaction to a campaign ad criticizing Russ Feingold.

What WFRV failed to inform viewers is that the ad features the whistle blower of the deadly Tomah VA scandal.

In the ad the whistle blower publicly criticizes Russ Feingold for failing to respond to a letter from a veteran’s family which detailed serious concerns at the Tomah VA while the Democrat was a sitting Senator.

Instead of reporting the allegations that Feingold failed to protect veterans in Tomah as its competitors did on this day, WFRV omitted the details of the ad’s criticism and spun the story to be an attack on Senator Ron Johnson.

WFRV Anchor: … Feingold drew similarities between Donald Trump and Ron Johnson who endorsed the billionaire yesterday.

Russ Feingold: The sad thing is that Donald Trump and Senator Johnson are similar in terms of not having serious solutions to the problems but just using anger as a way to promote their political careers.

WFRV Anchor: Feingold also criticized Johnson’s recent attack ad on his response to the Tomah VA hospital scandal saying he never received a memo mentioned in the ad.

Way to let Feingold control the narrative, WFRV CBS 5 let Feingold off the hook from having to answer a legitimate question about his response or lack of it to allegations that our veterans were being harmed at the Tomah VA.

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