Trump Campaign Event in Janesville

WGBA NBC 26  |  3-29-16 @ 5 p.m.

Passing along assumptions supporting a liberal narrative, NBC 26 reports that “about 1,200 participants are expected outside Trump’s campaign event in Janesville.” How would anyone know how many protesters are expected unless the protest is well-organized and well-orchestrated?

NBC 26 failed to report who organized the protest and failed to report that Trump accuses the protesters of being paid agitators.

There is evidence of that available on the internet such as ads on Craigslist offering to pay individuals to protest Trump and interviews with Trump protesters who admit they don’t know why they are protesting but are doing it for money.

To focus solely on this negative angle of the Trump campaign stop in Wisconsin also says something about NBC 26.

We argue this is bias by story selection. Compare the coverage the leading GOP candidate, Donald Trump received at 5 p.m. from this station with the coverage afforded to the leading Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s report was pure spin putting her in a favorable light and Trump’s coverage focused on the negative.

By the way, where’s been the coverage of the Clinton protests around the country?

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