Fake Tombstone for Trump

WGBA NBC 26   |  3-28-16 @ 5 p.m.

WGBA NBC 26 has a segment in which it reports “what’s trending.” NBC 26 passed on a fake news story which was designed to smear GOP hopeful Donald Trump.

There was no truth to the report, as the anchor alluded to; yet, this station selected this “story” to feature.

NBC 26 Anchor: (Fake tombstone) “appears to have been placed in New York’s Central Park. The tombstone reads “Make America Hate Again”; a take on (Trump’s) campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Park officials say, however, they haven’t seen the fake tombstone and question whether this picture has been edited.”

There is a visibly orchestrated effort by the professional left to push the narrative that Donald trump is “a racist”. The organized PR campaign also instructs Democrat operatives to push this twist on Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Have you noticed that suddenly every news story with an anti-Trump angle involves someone holding a sign or stating that Trump wants to “Make America Hate Again”?

This is by design and NBC 26 has pushed the narrative through soundbites and imagery but never so blatantly as with this fake news report in its “what’s trending” segment.

If lies are trending, should they be reported?

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