CAIR Accusation; Mosque Burglary

WLUK FOX 11  |  2-16-16 @ 5 p.m.

Pushing an agenda, a representative from the Minnesota chapter of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) proposed a theory that two instances of theft at the Islamic Society in Green Bay may be connected to the media controversy in Brillion at Ariens, where some Muslim employees are complaining over the company’s break policy.

WLUK FOX 11 reported the theory promulgated by CAIR despite the fact that within its own report FOX 11 stated that the people at the Green Bay Islamic Society do not believe there is a connection between the thefts at their mosque and Ariens.

FOX 11 also reported that the Green Bay police department which is investigating the thefts also does not believe there is a connection between the thefts and Ariens.

So, why did WLUK FOX 11 publish this report when they themselves reported that there is no substance to CAIR’s theory?

This is an example of bias by story selection. The fact that FOX 11 put the unsubstantiated allegation out there gives CAIR control in forming a narrative and in keeping this story alive in the media when there was nothing new to report. FOX 11 allowed itself to be used by an agenda-driven organization with purported ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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