Obama’s Push for More Gun Control

WBAY ABC 2 1-3-16 @ 10 PM

  • Bias by Omission
    Ignoring facts that reflect negatively on liberal or left-wing views or ignoring facts that support conservative views.
  • Placement
    A pattern of placing news stories so as to downplay information supportive of conservative views.
  • Spin
    Emphasizing aspects of a policy favorable to liberals without noting aspects favorable to conservatives; putting out the liberal interpretation of what an event means while giving little or no time or space to explaining the conservative interpretation.

WBAY ABC 2’s report on the reopening of the site of the San Bernardino shooting omits the fact that this mass shooting was an act of terrorism. That context is relevant because WBAY chose to follow the report with the story about President Obama’s anticipated executive action on gun control.

Spin comes into play with the placement of these stories. The liberal narrative aims to condition Americans to call for more gun control laws whenever there is a mass shooting, even when stricter gun laws would not have prevented said shooting.

WBAY is not the only station in the Green Bay market to follow the liberal play book and push this narrative.

It would be fair for reporters to point out that stricter guns control laws would not have prevented San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, and most if not all of the mass shootings seen in America since President Obama took office.

It would also be fair to mention that supporters of gun right accuse President Obama of politicizing tragic events to push his agenda.

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