Superior Mayor Calls Pres. Obama a Muslim

WGBA NBC 26 12-29-15 @ 5 PM

Editor’s Note: WFRV CBS 5 reported this story on 12-23-15 without bias. This is a fair story for coverage if reported without an agenda.

Bias by Story Selection, Bias by Spin, Bias by Selection of Sources, and Bias by Omission

  • Story Selection:
    A pattern of highlighting news stories that coincide with the agenda of the Left while ignoring stories that coincide with conservative social issues.

The mayor of Superior stated his belief that President Obama is a Muslim. Calls for the mayor’s resignation followed along with a small organized protest. WGBA NBC 26 took the bait and responded with biased coverage in reporting this “story.” Stop the presses. What exactly IS the story we ask? The fact that this was covered at all could constitute bias by story selection if it is reported with an agenda, which we argue is the case here. The anchor’s facial expression gives away her personal feelings. We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, had the mayor of Superior called Mr. Obama a Catholic or even a Scientologist there would be no coverage, we suspect. The media however is working hard to push a narrative about Mr. Obama’s faith. His life experience with and comments about the Muslim faith are to be ignored. The media takes a tar-and-feather approach in smearing those who dares to speak their mind about the president and counter the narrative.

Whether the media likes it or not, the President’s faith is fair game for public discussion. He is the Commander in Chief after all, and a religious war is underway against America by radical Muslims. One can argue the president’s own words and actions (including inactions) which relate to his past, recent practices, and policy decisions have opened the door to a legitimate debate about his religion of choice and his level of faith in general.

  • Bias by Spin:
    Emphasizing aspects of a policy favorable to liberals without noting aspects favorable to conservatives; putting out the liberal interpretation of what an event means while giving little or no time or space to explaining the conservative interpretation.

You can see by the facial expression of the NBC 26 anchor that she disapproves of Mr. Obama being called a Muslim. Why? We’re confused. The same mainstream media which pushes the narrative that there’s nothing inherently radical about the Muslim faith and that Islam is the “religion of peace” seems to go nuts when President Obama is said to be a Muslim. The media needs to own up to its own hypocritical biases here. The bias of spin is at play here.

A double standard reveals bias as well. Countless liberals have called President Obama a Muslim and sincerely believe he is one. Check out the YouTube video of Madonna at one of her concerts proclaiming and celebrating the notion that Mr. Obama is a Muslim. Where are the protests and the news stories when liberals come to that conclusion? Whether they are correct or not is not relevant.

  • Bias by Omission:
    Ignoring facts that reflect negatively on liberal or left-wing views or ignoring facts that support conservative views.
  • Selection of Sources:
    Including more sources in a story that support one view over another. This bias can also be seen when a reporter uses such phrases as “experts believe,” “observers say,” or “most people think.”

Finally, we were struck by the bias of omission in this story. Who are these protesters? The woman interviewed was identified on screen with the title “Justice City Coalition.” What is that? How many people took part in the protest? No mention of the number. It appeared to be only a handful. Were there five or less? Were there even ten people? Is this a legitimate protest or an extension of a political group that goes around trying to intimidate anyone who speaks against the liberal narrative?

President Obama has been in office a long time. Are average citizens really fired up over a contrary opinion about his faith? This smells of politics. The Justice City Coalition website states that the mayor’s comment was “racist.” How so? Why didn’t the NBC 26 reporter ask the protesters to explain? This is bias by selection of sources to include the political agenda of a group and not identify or question the agenda. WGBA NBC 26 reported this story with bias. Here is the full text:

WGBA Anchor: A mayor in Northeast Wisconsin is facing calls to resign today after he called President Obama a Muslim. (Note: facial expression of anchor seems to indicate her disapproval to that opinion.) Protestors gathered outside the Superior City Hall this week demanding an apology from the mayor. Protestors want the city council to censor the mayor and called for a no confidence vote.

“Justice City Coalition” member:  We’re standing here today wanting to see justice done. We wish to see this deplorable situation made right. We wish to begin healing and moving forward.

WGBA Anchor: The mayor is on vacation and has not responded to the protest but says he is planning a meeting with members of the local Muslim community.

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