WI Dem Straw Poll; Bernie Sanders 8 Points Shy of Hillary Clinton

Green Bay TV
Media Blackout

Bias by Story Selection

Bias by Story Selection is a pattern of highlighting news stories that coincide with the agenda of the Left, while ignoring stories that reflect negatively on liberals; or on the liberal agenda.

The Green Bay news stations have reported results on Republican straw polls and several professional polls over the past three months; however, WBAY ABC 2, WFRV CBS 5, WGBA NBC 26, nor WLUK FOX 11 reported on the Democratic Wisconsin Straw Poll conducted over the weekend. This liberal narrative dictates that Hillary Clinton is the inevitable nominee. Hillary Clinton came in first with 49 percent of the vote at the Wisconsin Democratic party convention. Senator Bernie Sanders came in second place with 41 percent of the vote. Liberal pundits and publications have called the results concerned for Clinton, pointing out the straw polls indicates self-described Socialist Bernie Sanders is pulling closer to Hillary Clinton in this battleground state than most expected.

The Hill: The surprise showing is a boost for Sanders, who regularly polls about 40 percentage points behind Clinton in national poll and rarely finishes within striking distance to Clinton.
It is too soon to say whether this poll is an outlier; but it is a snapshot in time and it does reflect the preferences of Wisconsin Democrats at this point in the race.

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