Sen. Tammy Baldwin V.A. Tomah Scandal; Proposed Legislation

Green Bay
6-24-15 @ 10 p.m.

Bias by Omission

Bias by Omission is when reporters ignore facts that reflect negatively on liberals, or disprove liberal claims.

It is fair to report on the fact that Senator Tammy Baldwin introduced a bill to stop the overmedication of veterans at V.A. facilities. This report by WFRV CBS 5 however omitted mention of the fact that Senator Tammy Baldwin failed to react to allegations that such a practice of overprescribing medications was occurring at the Tomah V.A. and turned out to have fatal consequences.

Senator Baldwin ignored the complaints of families until the scandal became public. She avoided reporter questions on the subject for a while; blamed and fired a staffer for her neglect on the matter – the staffer is suing Baldwin for wrongful termination and says Baldwin used her as a scapegoat. WFRV omits that background information in its glowing reporting of Baldwin’s proposed legislation.

WFRV’s competitor WLUK FOX 11 reported this story this way: “First criticized for not following up fast enough, Senator Tammy Baldwin is now pushing legislation to fix the problem …”

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