More US Troops To Deploy To Iraq

Green Bay
More US Troops
To Deploy To Iraq
6-10-15 @ 10 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to the tipster who detected this bias and shared this perspective with Wisconsin Media Check.

Bias by Omission and Bias by Spin

Bias by Omission is when reporters ignore facts that reflect negatively on liberals, or disprove liberal claims.

Bias by Spin is when reporters emphasize aspects of a policy or a report favorable to liberals, without noting aspects favorable to conservatives; or, putting out the liberal interpretation of an event; while giving little or no time to its conservative interpretation.

WFRV CBS 5 reported on President Obama’s decision to deploy more U.S. troops to Iraq. In reporting on that decision on June 10, 2015 WFRV kept referencing the word “plan”. WFRV, however, omitted reporting that just a few days ago the president admitted publicly that he does not have a “complete strategy” to fight ISIS in Iraq. That admission generated world-wide criticism of Mr. Obama as a man who lacks a plan. WFRV engaged in the bias of omission by neglecting to inform viewers of that. WFRV engaged in bias by spin by portraying what can be viewed as Pres. Obama’s reactionary decision to send more troops to Iraq at this point in time as a “plan”. It is fair to call it a decision; based on this administration’s track record it is not certain there is a “plan” in place.

WFRV failed also to mention President Obama’s track record related to planning or executing a plan. You’ll recall Mr. Obama failed to secure a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq when he “pulled troops out of Iraq” which military analysts content created the vacuum in Iraq which allowed ISIS to gain a foot hold and grow.

Wall Street Journal: Mr. Obama came under greater pressure this week after saying after an international summit in Germany on Monday that he was awaiting Pentagon recommendations for enhancing Iraq policies, and that “we don’t yet have a complete strategy.”

Western Journalism: … The president’s statement about plans for dealing with the situation in Iraq was: “When, uh, a finalized plan is presented to me by the Pentagon then I will share it with the American people. Its not, uh, uh, I, we don’t yet have, uh, a, uh, a complete strategy….”

WFRV also failed to report on the criticism of President Obama’s admission that he still lacks a plan for fighting ISIS (the terrorist group Mr. Obama called “the jayvee”). We’ve noticed a pattern of reporting by local news media. When Democrats make accusations against Republicans regarding policies, the accusations are sometimes reported. When Republicans make accusations against Democrats, the accusations are frequently omitted.

The Hill: … “The U.S. should be embarrassed by him coming out to say he didn’t have a strategy in Iraq,” (Rudy Giuliani) said. “Iraq has been an issue for his entire presidency.”

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