House Democrats Fight Pres. Obama on Trade Bill

Green Bay
House Democrats
Fight Pres. Obama
on Trade Bill
6-12-15 @ 9 p.m.

Bias by Omission

Bias by Omission is when reporters ignore facts that reflect negatively on liberals, or disprove liberal claims.

While reporting on the highly controversial trade bill President Obama is pushing, WLUK FOX 11 reported that “lawmakers, including some Democrats went against the White House and struck down the president’s latest trade plan today.”

FOX 11 chose not to play up the fact that the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives opposed President Obama on this issue. In fact, 144 Democrats opposed President Obama’s plan. In its reporting, competitor WFRV CBS 5 noted that just 40 House Democrats voted for the president’s trade plan. The omission by FOX 11 might give viewers the impression it was mostly House Republicans and just “some” House Democrats who are against the President Obama on trade.

While FOX 11 featured sound bites from a Republican who supports the president’s plan and a Democrat who opposes it, we are pointing out the way news stations craft their lead sentences. We’ve noted a pattern of Republicans being painted as obstructions in the leads when they oppose this president; here, we have a case where Democrat opposition to this president is downplayed.

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